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Adventure. Fantasy. Fiction. Young Adult.

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Release Date: August 2nd, 2021

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Amorra Lent: The Awakening

"Something feels different.

I can't really explain it, 

but isn't it strange that it's so quiet 

on a night like this?"

After soldiers ransack her village, searching for an escaped prisoner, Amorra Lent discovers that one day she will possess powers that will change the fate of the world. Struggling with this new identity, she embarks on a dangerous journey with her family and a boy named Adam toward a safe haven called Safee. 

With the ruthless, conniving King Eric on her trail, Amorra endures life-threatening situations, finds courage when she needs it, and uncovers many dark secrets along the way. 

Amorra Lent: The Awakening (Book Synopsis) 

Forest Path
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